How can you successfully stay operational while a significant construction project is taking place at your facility?

Planning for a construction project at your existing facility while staying open for business can be accomplished smoothly when you dedicate an extra effort to planning before and during the project. Click on the Renovation Planning Checklist image for your free downloadable guide.

When First National Bank of River Falls took on a significant renovation and addition project, they relied on Derrick Building Solutions as their General Contractor. Jeff Johnson, Bank President, said, “We spent a significant amount of time with Mark Johnson and Derrick personnel prior to the project. Derrick spent some time meeting with all our employees so that they could understand their needs. The bank obviously needed to stay open, thus they did the project in stages. The new addition and community room was completed first, so that personnel could move there immediately. Once that was completed, Derrick worked on renovating the existing portion of the building. We constructed a temporary teller line, while Derrick worked on the new one. Much of the work was completed on the weekend, so that the project was completed more efficiently.”

“All in all, we completed a 6,500 square foot addition, and renovated the entire remainder of the rest of the building in about 10 months,” he added. “Great job by Derrick!”

Nilssen’s Baldwin store underwent a significant addition and remodeling project while staying open for business. Manager Kevin Branstad provided these ideas and tips that helped things go as smoothly as possible:

  • I determined that it was very important to facilitate regular meetings with our entire staff. We have nearly 100 employees and made the meetings mandatory due to the significance of communicating the project timelines, safety requirements, the importance of staying out of the workers way, not interrupting their work, and other topics throughout the project.
  • I created a communication board for our customers. I knew they would have questions and understood the impact of having things torn up would have on them. I updated this weekly and shared the changes that were happening each week even if those changes weren’t visible to the customers.
  • The construction meetings every two weeks were invaluable. The communication across all trades, myself and Jason Nilssen were great for wrapping up the past two weeks work and looking ahead two weeks so we could plan for any interruptions to our business.
  • John Timmers, Derrick Building Solutions onsite supervisor, did a great job taping off areas that were slip or trip hazards. During the project our walk-in freezer had to remain right in the middle of the construction zone. Our team had access during certain times and were provided hard hats for entering the area, and it was handled smoothly by all involved.
    Construction work that would potentially interfere with our business would be scheduled at night or overnight for minimum disruption.

The months of planning and execution have paid off for Nilssen’s. The new enlarged store with an added Caribou Coffee (that even has a drive thru), have been well-received by their customers and employees. The store nearly doubled in size and thanks to the efforts made on efficiency projects, the energy bills decreased by $500 per month compared to the older, smaller space. Jason Nilssen added “I chose Derrick not because they were the cheapest, but because they were local and had a good recommendation from my wholesaler, Spartannash, who used them for their New Richmond Expansion.” Nilssen’s is a family-owned business serving our area since 1903.

Derrick Building Solutions understands that each project is unique and managing the process well goes a long way toward making the project enjoyable. When you become our client it means that we have a common goal: your successful project!