Derrick Building Solutions LLC implements a proactive safety program to ensure that employees, subcontractors, owners, visitors and the general public are kept safe on or around our projects. We approach safety in the same way we approach a project with a significant amount of pre-planning. We review potential issues, anticipate problems, and identify new potential issues that will require additional staff training. Our team members take part in continual training and have the proper certification in place.

Safety in all areas of Derrick Companies is not only a goal it is also a requirement.  We work closely with everyone to ensure that the policies are up to date and adhered to, as well as directing safety education and training. All of our employees are responsible for monitoring and following safe practices. If you’re interested in reviewing our very specific safety policies please read the following document.

Download and view Derrick Companies’ Safety & AWAIR Policy

A safe project environment reflects our company’s overall commitment to a high quality project. The Derrick Building Solutions team cares about the work they are performing and it shows in their efficient and safe work methods.

Derrick Companies is a repeat recipient of Associated Builders & Contractors of Wisconsin’s safety awards including Gold Safety Award and Platinum Level Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP). The firm’s outstanding safety record has resulted in the Minimum Experience Modification Factor in calculating Worker’s Compensation insurance rates. This is a significant accomplishment and a testament to the attention to safety on job sites and the overall culture at Derrick Companies. Derrick Companies has a documented and measured safety record that far exceeds companies in the same business in Wisconsin and offers one of the safest places to work in the industry.