Hall Gateway
Hall Gateway

When Chiropractors Dr. Dan Hall and his business partner, Dr. Lois Hall, were nearing their 30th year in practice in Stillwater, Minnesota, they approached the City about renovating their current location. Their facility at that time included a 1960s era multi-tenant building they owned and had practiced in since they started the company. The existing building was less than ideal, and the City did not approve their plans to renovate the building and encouraged them to consider razing the existing facility and replacing it.

After much thought, consideration, and consulting with various resources, Dan and Lois did just that. They sought advice from other building owners and developers and ultimately chose to work with Derrick Building Solutions on their project. They also worked with a designer who specialized in chiropractic office design to create an office layout uniquely suited to their popular Hall Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center practice.

But as the designs and plans took shape, Hall Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center had another issue—where would they practice during the 8 months or so it would take to tear down their old facility and build a new one? Fortunately, the answer was found just across the highway. Another local chiropractor was interested in retiring early and her leased office space would be available as a temporary home for Hall Chiropractic.

Hall Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center moved into their temporary home in summer of 2014 and demolition began immediately on their site with construction beginning as soon as the site was cleared. Construction was completed in December of 2014 and was done in time for the practice to celebrate their 30th Anniversary in business at the new facility. The new “Hall Gateway” office building consists of 7,500 sq. ft. and four individual lease spaces. The anchor tenant space is occupied by Hall Family Chiropractic and tenants include Bell Bank (filling two spaces) and Keller Williams Realty.

“One of the biggest differences we still notice, more than four years after moving in, is the brightness and lightness of the space. Our old facility was dark with north facing windows and the new facility incorporates lots of natural light year-round,” Dr. Dan Hall said. “Our offices now have areas designed for all of our specialties including chiropractic care for all ages, wellness, nutrition, acupuncture, and spinal decompression services,” he added.

“Even though our offices were completed and the majority of the facility was finished at the end of 2014, Mark Johnson, our project manager at Derrick Companies has been very available to us when we’ve had questions or a need both during the project and the years following. Derrick was hired for a build out by Bell Bank, and then a Bell Bank expansion into a second space, and they recently assisted our newest tenant with prep work for their space,” Dr. Dan Hall added. “Mark was very honest, available, and helpful during the entire process and we are so grateful and thankful to Derrick Companies for getting this beautiful building done for us.”

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