Expanding in 2022? Act Now to Ensure Your Best Experience

If a new construction or expansion project is in your future, it is more important than ever to start the process of working with a builder.  Over the past 12 months, we have seen and influx of volatility in the construction market including price increases, material shortages and longer lead and delivery times.  Those problems are expected to continue, but having the right partner to guide you through these roadblocks can help ensure your project gets done promptly and within your budget.

Derrick Building Solutions will work with you to navigate:

  • Increasing material costs
  • Unavailability of materials
  • Long lead time for building components
  • Supply chain hurdles
  • Volatile pricing
  • Identifying “at risk” materials and supplies
  • Pre-ordering materials when feasible
  • Considering flexibility on building types to save costs and time
  • Backlogs for governmental approvals

Getting started now and staying in close contact is the recipe for success if you’re planning a project in the next two years . Lead times, in particular, are extended to the longest levels we have ever seen from six months to over a year for structural elements including pre-cast components or pre-engineered steel. Tack this on to the usual project development preparations and it adds up to the longest wait we have experienced for finished client projects. Don’t be caught off-guard by current issues. Successful projects are possible and we can’t stress enough that working as a team with Derrick Building Solutions early will help you accomplish your goals and meet your project timeframe.