Owners: Isometric Micro Molding, Inc.

Location: New Richmond, Wisconsin

Project Highlights:

  • Renovation of expansion space
  • Clean room and high tech manufacturing space

Isometric Micro Molding, Inc. is the largest medical-focused micro molder in the United States; founded and located in New Richmond Wisconsin since 1990. Isometric Micro Molding and Derrick Building Solutions both have a strong set of Core Values with deep ties to the New Richmond community making this partnership very special.

The Isometric Micro Molding expansion project in New Richmond, Wisconsin, is worth reviewing much more closely than the average project because it is rather amazing. Just like the construction project at their facility, there is much more involved than meets the eye. In plain terms, Isometric Micro Molding makes ultra-precision molds, molded parts, and automated assemblies for medical and pharmaceutical drug delivery devices, which enable their customers to make advances for many life-extending and life-saving products. The parts are extremely small and very complex. Their level of precision is measured in single microns, that is one millionth of a meter. For example, a sheet of paper is about 100 microns thick. As one might imagine, all of this must take place in a very controlled, specialized, and ultra-clean environment.

Derrick Building Solutions has worked with Isometric Micro Molding, Inc. on multiple projects over the years, and this latest renovation of a former tenant-occupied space included many specialized features.  The space includes two new ISO 7 Class 10,000 clean room spaces that more than double their previous cleanroom area, each requiring extremely precise systems for air handling, temperature control, and particulate filtering. Not only are the systems specialized and very high quality, extreme care was used on the site as active construction was taking place adjacent to an area of precision operations.

When the project was being designed, two new press machines were planned for. When the project was underway, Isometric Micro Molding brought a new challenge of planning for a total of 11 press machines to be installed in the future. This change required a significant reconfiguration of the mechanical systems for the in-progress expansion area. The team of subcontractors including the Electrician, HVAC Contractor, and Plumbers met with Derrick Building Solutions and the client to determine how to best accommodate the additional machines. Revised plans limited the demolition of finished areas and managed to hide mechanical, electrical, and plumbing finishes behind walls and in an enlarged finished column.

The specialized space included a static epoxy flooring which took four days with a weekend to cure before trades could get back into those areas to continue work. Other work such as installation of vinyl composition tile flooring, installing and finishing drywall, painting, and insulation had to be done on weekends. During the work week Isometric’s machines needed to stay operational, and the dust generated from the finish work could not take place while the machines were running. All the subcontractors worked with exceptional care and caution to minimize the amount of dust created by their work with additional vacuums, masking, and other precautions.

The critical systems of electrical, plumbing, and HVAC were crucial to the success of the project. The subcontractors providing the services were conscientious and dedicated throughout the process, reliably attending progress meetings every two weeks, and actively staying on top of project communication. Any issues that arose were very promptly solved by great teamworks.

Isometric Micro Molding, Inc. was able to remain fully operational throughout entire project.

“It’s humbling to work with such an important company on a specialized project. We have great respect for the work they do at Isometric Micro Molding and understand how important the precision of their facility is to their success,” said Mark Johnson, Vice President Director of Operations at Derrick Building Solutions and manager of this project.