The COVID-19 pandemic had impacted the construction industry in many ways and provided opportunities for businesses and commercial locations. Continued low interest rates, high demand, and innovations have led to some new trends for companies in our area.

Technologies for improving building sanitation

The COVID-19 pandemic has many building owners looking for solutions to help automate and improve sanitation. The most popular items being added are HEPA air filtration systems, germicidal ultraviolet lights, vaporized hydrogen peroxide, and antimicrobial surfaces.

Re-configured Workflow or Customer Flow

Offices, retail, and any facility that welcomes employees or customers may be looking at ways to change their workflow of customer flow to allow for more physical distancing and shielding.

Energy Efficiency Projects

Energy efficiency is always in style and some firms are taking advantage of this time with fewer workers or customers to update to energy efficient lighting, replace roofs, adding insulation, updating HVAC systems, and other finishes. Depending upon your electric service provider, rebate programs may apply. Contact us today and we can help you find resources.


Nationally, businesses and individuals are considering moves from metropolitan areas to smaller communities and suburban areas including the communities of Western Wisconsin. In addition to general contracting services, Derrick Building Solutions can help you find a shovel-ready site to build your next business home.


Renovating an active business space can be extremely challenging. The pandemic has provided an occasion to reduce or remove customer access to certain spaces allowing for a unique opportunity to make modifications, repairs, or other renovations.

No matter the size of your project, make Derrick Building Solutions your first call. We are always happy to provide a no-cost consultation for you.