Over the last two years, Bill Derrick of Derrick Companies, has been invited to speak to business groups to share his inspirational story entitled, “Restored by the Storm.” After weathering a significant economic downturn with crushing effects on the construction industry, and suffering other personal losses, Bill shares his uplifting story and the wisdom he has gained by overcoming seemingly impossible situations with hope, positivity, and faith.

Bill shares details of his personal story including the lowest of the lows. Even though the news kept getting worse, he explains how he was able to keep his positive attitude and faith through it all.  Bill says, “I was given the time to think about what happened, and now I have the opportunity to pass on the wisdom gained during the most difficult time of my life. If my story can encourage those who are going through hard times to keep their faith or help anyone to live their best life, I want to share it.”

One of Bill’s most recent speaking engagements was at a Butler Builders event several weeks ago. Greg Pasley, President of Butler Manufacturing, was in the audience and called Bill’s presentation “uplifting,” “motivational,” and “positive.” Bill’s hope is that his story inspires anyone and particularly help those who may be going through difficult times themselves.

In addition to speaking to groups, Bill is working on writing a book about his experiences. If you are interested in reserving a speaking engagement for your organization, contact Bill directly at wderrick@derrickbuilt.com.