Our Construction Approach

Why choose Derrick Building Solutions for your next commercial construction project?

Trinity Academy Groundbreaking May 2013We help our customers determine the best value.
Our experienced professionals have the knowledge to guide you through your design options, material choices, and new technologies to help you make the best decisions to get the most value out of your construction project.  The best value might not be the cheapest up front price, but it might be the design or material choice that provides a solution for many years to come.

Prevent project headaches.
Our expert team anticipates potential issues and finds solutions to complete your project as seamlessly as possible.  Delays and problems are nearly inevitable, but our capable team keeps setbacks to a minimum.

Enjoy Enduring Quality.
The skillful team at Derrick builds quality projects with a high degree of craftsmanship.  We want your facility to serve you well for many years.  Our crews may balk at being called experts, but they truly are seasoned professionals who take great pride in their work.

Derrick Built Process

Each project at Derrick Building Solutions follows a very specific process.  Our experience tells us that this is the best way to manage projects to ensure customer satisfaction and overall best results.

Derrick Building Process

In summary, our pre-construction process includes everything from assisting clients with site evaluation, procuring land, obtaining financing, coordinating approvals with the municipality, budgeting, design or working with an outside designer, and scheduling.  A high quality plan and planning process provides consistently exceptional results for Derrick Building Solutions clients.

Construction Project and Site Management
When your project is underway, an experienced manager makes the project much easier for you.  Rest assured that Derrick Building Solutions is in control of the site, manages safety, mitigates risk, manages changes and scheduling, and ensures quality workmanship.

Post Construction
Upon completion, Derrick Building Solutions performs a final inspection, provides closeout documentation, and delivers all warranty information to the owner.

No-Cost Consultation